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SMAC 当世音乐中心是人家音乐综合体,由两个剧场和两个不同类型的演播室结合。。人家类比甲板的中庭将音乐中心的逐一效能关联合作,同时,人流向导从块的一侧T。其设计规律是:候鸟可以在音乐群中找到满意的各式各样的盘问的当空。,同时也可以经过建造物到如此等等界石。。

This Contemporary Music Centre (SMAC) is a musical complex consisting of two auditoriums of very different kinds and recording studios, linked by a public space called the deck, running from one side of the building to the 如此等等。 It is designed on the principle that, instead of being mere consumers of entertainment, people can construct their own evening by moving from one place to the 如此等等。

▼ 使活动的音乐中心综合体,the Contemporary Music Centre is a musical complex

该描述体主体坐落在历史中心的城市边缘,时间是本地居民硕士。 Bel Ebat 百货商店的吐艳当空,另时间是城市的次要交通线。。使烦恼的设计是处置不断的打中相干。:变得越来越大过失太小。,设计模型过失通常意思上的凑合的中心外形。,在现场一齐当中的沟通相干。在设计的人家挑动是让建造与参加entertai、跳骚市场和如此等等晒黑的皮色一齐制作了协合效应。。

The site is a corner of the Bel Ebat fairground, on the edge of the historic town centre of 埃夫勒。 The difficulty lies in the size relation between the new building, rather small and non-central, and the fairground, a huge empty 四四方方地。 One of the challenges of the architecture is to create a synergy with the fairground activities – fetes, flea markets, circuses, etc.

▼ 网站当空平衡法的,the huge empty esplanade for the Bel Ebat fairground


To resist and exist in relation to the vast expanse of the fairground, the structure is dense, sculptural and 社区。 The main concert hall is on the first floor and sticks out, overhanging the entrance on the northern 侧。

▼ 悬胶从两层挑坐落在入口处哈尔,the main concert hall sticks out overhanging the entrance

▼ 入口处大厅的方面,facade outside the stairwell

▼ 在剧场的阶,the stairs leads to the auditorium


This course distributes and shows the different entities: main auditorium hall, local radio station studio, recording studios and the club, 现场音乐 café with its glass double façade fan folded for acoustic 思考。 For acoustic reasons, the concert rooms and recording studios are separate concrete 盒.

▼ 小的当空表示,the performance space

▼ 咖啡厅可以进行演唱会,现场音乐 café with its glass double façade fan folded


The whole structure is enveloped in a light metal skin, a double wall or over-roof that acts as an additional acoustic 特点。 From the outside, the volume is opaque, composed of triangular facets, some of them made of polished stainless steel that reflects the surrounding trees. It is imbued with a dual internal motion, the movement of the deck that crosses it and the movement of the roof which rises gradually to envelop the main 听众席。 The deck operates like an immense interior/exterior hall stretching from the street to the 四四方方地。  The deck opens southwards to become a wide porch, an urban theatre that acts both as a terrace for the club, and as a stage for outdoor concerts or 显示.

▼ 轴测当空剖析,exploded axon

▼ 在建造的木房,the deck operates like an immense interior/exterior hall


▼ 中庭当空的衔接和逐渐增加的街道交通,the deck negotiates the flow from the street to the esplanade

▼ 夜景,night view

▼ 首层立体,Ground Floor Plan

▼ 为写传略,Section

Location: Évreux (你们的)
Client: Évreux municipality

Project management:
Lead architects: Hérault Arnold 制作者重要官职
Project manager: Camille Bérar
Fluids: Inex
Structure: Batiserf
Economist: Michel Forgue
Stage design: Ducks Scéno
Acoustics: Lasa

Area: 2450 m² + 570 m² covered linking areas
Costs: €8.5 million before tax
Timetable: Competition September 2008
Delivery planned: 2013

Concert room club (150 standing places + cafe 餐厅)
Concert hall 600 standing places
Rehearsal studios
Office and radio spaces
Artists’ residence
Covered connecting areas
Images: Labtop-rendering

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